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The place Can I Buy Stone Island Clothes In New York

Im sorry to need to rain on your parade but Stone Island has been big in soccer hooliganism since the 1990’s. CP was the original model but then came Stone Island.

Garment-Dyed Membrana Hooded Jacket In Red

For those who son desires to look sensible then carrying Stone Island is just not the way. Get him some good Hugo Boss shirts or Armani Alternate for example.

If you happen to son was to turn up at a soccer game in Stone Island, then he would look like a thug and why is stone island so expensive people would think he was part of a ‘agency’ – this might land him in sizzling water, even as far as to say getting jumped.

Don’t just take my phrase for it, do a google search on Stone Island and Soccer Hooligans, there you will discover a lot more reference to it.

Im not having a go, just friendly advice, I certainly wouldn’t let my son put on Stone why is stone island so expensive Island because of this. There are lots of alternatives.

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