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Lucy Goodale Thurston – Missionary To Hawaii

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Hawaii to many right now means vacation and paradise on earth. But again earlier than the missionaries arrival in 1820, Hawaii was an uncivilzed, immoral society. Asa and Lucy Thurston seemed forward to a tradition governed by the kapu system, which was a strict set of rules which separated royalty from commoners and abased and belittled ladies. Capital punishment was enacted for petty crimes comparable to a lady eating a banana (which was just for men). There were additionally tales of infanticide and sexual immorality and even rumors of cannibalism. The only travelers to Hawaii earlier than the missionaries were sailors, merchants, adventurers. Nobody thought to carry their families to this remote place on the opposite aspect of the world.

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Missionary Patriarch: The True Story of John G. Paton Buy Now By way of Gates of Splendor: The Event That Shocked the World, Changed a Individuals, and Impressed a Nation (Hendrickson Classic Biographies) Purchase Now The Journals of Jim Elliot Purchase Now The Life and African Exploration of David Livingstone Buy Now Little did the Thurstons know, as they sailed out of Boston on October 23, 1819, that the federal government and kapu system were being abolished around the identical time. King Kamehameha had died, leaving his son Liholiho to rule the nation. Along with the excessive priest, Liholiho (Kamehameha II) abolished the kapu and the idolatrous religion, realizing that they’d stored their religion merely out of tradition and not out of faith. Hewahewa the priest was the first to start out the fires that burned the relics and temples. The sphere was sown and ready for the harvesters to arrive.

After 157 days at sea and 18,000 miles, the ship Thaddeus got here within sight of Hawaii. The corporate aboard consisted of the Thurstons, another missionary and his spouse (the Binghams), a physician and his spouse (the Holmans), two teachers and their wives (the Whitneys and the Ruggleses), a printer and his wife (the Loomises), a farmer and his spouse and 5 children (the Chamberlains), and three natives who had been considerably educated in the States and were returning dwelling.

The missionaries were greeted by the natives paddling out in canoes, bringing gifts of tropical fruit with them. They have been scarcely clothed, and what clothing they did wear was made out of fibers from bark. Lucy told of her first encounter with the folks of Hawaii:

As I used to be trying out of a cabin window, to see a canoe of chattering natives with animated countenances, they approached and gave me a banana. In return I gave them a biscuit. “Wahine maikai,” (good lady) was the reply. I then threw out several items, and from my scanty vocabulary stated, “Wahine,” (woman.) They with great avidity snatched them up and again repeated, “Wahine maikai.”

Thus, after crusing eighteen thousand miles, I met, for the primary time, these children of nature alone. Although our communications by look and speech were limited, and simple, friendly pledges received and given, but that interview through the cabin window of the brig Thaddeus gave me a strengthening contact in crossing the threshold of the nation.

First Impressions
The missionaries and their religion were overwhelmingly welcomed by the royalty. The queen dowager Kalakua (one in all Kamehameha’s twenty-one wives) even requested the white ladies to make her a dress within the fashion of their own. The people of Hawaii were not malicious as was thought, and what vice they did have took the shape of polygamy and drunkenness, although there have been some cases of infanticide.

The king permitted the missionaries to remain no less than a year and offered the Thurstons and the Holmans with a thatched hut in Kailua (on the big Island) while the remainder of the ship’s celebration sailed on to Honolulu (on Oahu). This hut consisted of one room, two open-air home windows, and a flooring made from grass and mats. Sitting on their trunks within the naked hut, the Christians held the first household worship service in Hawaii.

Thus, Asa and Lucy Thurston found themselves in a wierd and overseas land, with solely the bare necessities. They might have to beat the boundaries of language, tradition, and climate. The situation was so uncomfortable that the opposite missionary household, the Holmans, left within just a few months to return to their native land. The Thurstons have been left the sole missionary household on the big Island.

The Thurstons bought to work at once with their mission. Asa preached and started teaching the royalty methods to learn. In the primary weeks, the missionaries had been treated as curiosities and t shirt uomo stone island infrequently had a private moment. Lucy and the opposite ladies on board the Thaddeus have been the primary white girls ever seen on the islands.

Inside two years of the arrival of the missionaries, a written language was created for the Hawaiian folks so they might read and write in their very own tongue. After a couple of years of transferring round, the Thurstons settled down in Kailua and established a congregation there.

The culture of Hawaii drastically modified in these first years. For as soon as, the Hawaiians heard of a God who actually cared for them and who wasn’t changeable with whims of the moment. The folks heard of Jesus Christ in their own language, and He turned their lives round. Both Asa and Lucy cared for the folks of Hawaii, educating them to read and write, to love the God who made them, to stay righteous lives. The Hawaiians responded with hearts softened and made keen. The final remnants of the system of idolatry had been destroyed, and the hearts of the folks had been turned to the One True God.

Trials and tribulations
Lucy Thurston gave up all the comforts of a fashionable home in New England for a very completely different life within the distant locations of the world. For a few years, Lucy suffered pulmonary sickness without the comfort of medication and medical doctors that would have been readily at hand on the mainland. She gave start to her kids hundreds of miles away from any hospital. With the firmness of faith, she raised 5 children in a godless land, decided that they’d belong to God. She gave her life to her husband, to the Gospel, to Hawaii.

In Conclusion
Lucy Goodale Thurston was used as a ravishing device in bringing Christianity to Hawaii. Regardless of all odds, she led her life with courage and determination to do the fitting thing, even when that meant sacrificing everything she had ever identified and cherished. In later years, Lucy was in a position to travel again to the land she had thought she left eternally. However she only went home to visit. To her dying day, she lived in Hawaii, her adopted house. Together with her life she was capable of minister to the individuals of Hawaii, witnessing essentially the most lovely transformation of their lives. In her own words:

“The Word of God is highly effective. I’ve lived to see each sides of the picture. I saw this uncared for portion of our race, groping alongside in all darkness of nature, listening to messages from heaven with indifference and contempt, and for a long time listening to as if they heard not. Man can communicate solely to the ear. I regarded again, and a secret energy was remodeling their ethical characters. Those very beings who were once bowing all the way down to stocks of wooden and stone, worshiping sharks and volcanoes, and slaves to all the sins which degrade human nature, are actually sitting at the toes of Jesus, learning and doing his will.”

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sendingAuthorRose West 5 years in the past from Michigan
Hello Patricia, it’s so fantastic to hear from one of Lucy’s descendants! That’s fantastic that you’ve been compiling her letters! Thank you additionally on your kind correction – I recognize it 🙂 Thank you a lot for studying and commenting.

AuthorRose West 5 years ago from Michigan
Hello William, it is so good to listen to from you! Thanks for reading – take pleasure in studying more about your ancestors!

Patricia Godfrey 5 years in the past
Whats up, I’m a descendant of Lucy’s. I am ending up a book of her letters.

This is a pleasant article: would you mind one small corrction It was the Holmans, not the Binghams, who left the Thurstons on Hawaii island and returned to America inside a few years. The Binghams went to Honolulu and remained there for 21 years.

William Thurston 5 years ago

I’ll must barrow my mothers book after taking a look at this I am out of the blue involved in my ancestors history.

Memry, I really suppose it is fascinating, too, and if you want to read extra, you should undoubtedly check out Lucy’s ebook (there’s an Amazon hyperlink above). Hawaii misses you too 🙂

Memry 7 years ago
This is a great bio on this little recognized missionary to Hawaii. Fascinating stuff. I do know I would not have been so brave. Keep informing us, we love to hear about Hawaii, we miss it so!!

Eiddwen, thank you for your go to! It is much appreciated.
Eiddwen 7 years in the past from Wales

What an interesting and properly written hub. Thanks a lot for sharing. Take care Rose.
sheila, thanks for studying! I can’t both 🙂

This was very interesting. I can’t think about being so brave.
Hello Jane, Lucy actually was an incredible lady, and studying about her life makes me wonder if I may have been so brave. I actually do not know if I might make such a leap of religion as she did. But God rewarded her drastically.

I learn Lucy’s own account of her life (see the Amazon hyperlink above). It was very attention-grabbing, though slightly dry and simple. Definitely a great learn if you’d like to listen to about Hawaii’s missionaries from one of their very own!

AuthorRose West 7 years in the past from Michigan
Hi Jeff, thank you for reading! The historical past of Hawaii may be very attention-grabbing, particularly since it is so totally different from the remainder of America. Thanks for your ranking!

Ann Leavitt 7 years ago from Oregon
We need extra ladies like Lucy Thurston, who “see past the grave.” To suppose that she was prepared to commit her life to a close to stranger in an effort to additional the gospel! The trendy world has bother understanding this sort of dedication to God’s Word. I feel many people suffer from a namby-pamby nit choosy disorder when it comes to deciding on a partner. Although it is a big determination, it’s not one made outside of faith. Lucy had the faith to see God working by her authorities and the circumstances she was put into, and it sounds like they had a terrific marriage as well as a thriving witness in Hawaii! Thanks for this nice article; you really did plenty of research. Is there a e book you’d recommend for studying extra concerning the Thurstons

Jeff Berndt 7 years ago from Southeast Michigan
Stone Island Clothes UKInteresting stuff. I know little or no in regards to the history of Hawaii, and now I need to be taught extra. Voted up!