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Bob Restall Thought It Was Real

Stone Island Reversible Hat Lead

Listed here are drawings of the stones with mysterious inscriptions which were discovered on Oak Island. Attempt to determine what they imply or go to Translations where it will likely be laid out for you

Stone with Inscriptions discovered at 90 toes in The cash Pit
This is a facsimile drawing of the bigger stone which was discovered at the 90 foot level in the money Pit. Sadly the stone itself stone roses spike island support acts has since disappeared. The markings were recorded and translated by a Halifax College language professor round 1866. Stone Island Jumpers Jackets You’ll be able to see his translation here, however some people are skeptical of it as effectively as the recorded markings. At the time, the translation was being used to help elevate money for additional searches.

Stone Fragment with Inscriptions discovered at Smith’s Cove
It is a sketch of the stone fragment found under the Smith’s Cove seashore in 1936. The inscription appears to be real and the markings do correspond to those on the original stone.

Stone Found beneath Smith’s Cove seashore by Bob Restall

Bob Restall thought it was real, from the original builders. Others claim it is a hoax left by previous searchers.

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