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Mystical Island Close to Melaka

Pulau Besar is an fascinating day trip destination.
It’s positioned about 15km south east of Melaka metropolis and will be reached by ferry or velocity boat.

As the identify suggests, it is a big island (168 hectares) and is claimed to be shaped like an expecting lady mendacity on her back, though I could not see a lot resemblance myself. Maybe they sliced a few of her ‘bulge’ off once they were building the golf course back within the nineteen nineties.

Photographs (L) The profile of the island is alleged to resemble a pregnant girl. The tomb of Sultan Al Ariffin Syeikh Ismail.

It is stone island tinto hooded shirt jacket best recognized for its ancient Islamic graves, tombs and mausoleums which are scattered across the island.

Notable amongst these is the tomb of Sultan Al Ariffin Syeikh Ismail. In keeping with the notice board outside the tomb, Syeikh Ismail was the 18th descendant of the Prophet and was born in Baghdad in 1464AD. Whereas visiting the Prophet’s tomb in Medina, he received a calling to go and unfold Islam to Java. He reached Pulau Besar in 1495 and from there helped disseminate Islamic educating all through the Malay Archipelago. He died at age fifty eight and was buried on the island.

The tomb of Syarifah Rodziah/Siti Sarah (one of Syeikh Ismail’s kin) is located nearby as are several different graves and mausoleums. These tombs entice many guests, particularly Malaysian and Singaporean Muslims of Indian descent.

Photos:(L) Tomb of Syarifah Rodziah. Different graves on the island.
The island has numerous different points of interest, a few of which are moderately mystical together with:

– A lot of old wells, one of which is believed to comprise salt water when the tide is in and fresh water when the tide is out.

– Some apparently shaped rocks, including a stone skull, horse head rock and a cut up rock at the best point of the island. Various legends and myths are related to these rocks.

– A village of elves and an elves’ palace.
– A cave, Gua Yunos, where warriors had been mentioned to follow mysticism and learn silat (Malaysian Martial arts)

You can find out more about these attractions by visiting the Museum on the island, Muzium Pulau Besar, which explains some of the weird and fantastic legends and sights on the island. Entrance is RM5.

Photographs: (L) One of many wells, nonetheless in use. Horse Head Rock.
There was an try within the 1990s/2000s to create a vacationer resort right here. A considerable resort, Putera Island Resort, was constructed with a 750 seater ballroom amongst its many services. It closed down after just a few years of operation and now lies empty and wasted. Maybe the elves sabotaged the resort!

There was some renovation exercise happening on the resort during my visit in December 2012. A sign talked about an Islamic Centre so perhaps part or all of the resort is being transformed for that function.

There is a golf course adjacent to the hotel. I think it may no longer be operational but it surely appears that the greens are nonetheless being maintained.

Photos: (L) Museum A part of the defunct Putera Island Resort.
When i visited, the beaches on the island had been clean and enticing and the sea was calm, inviting and suitable for swimming, though being located on the busy Straits of Malacca, it only needs one ship to throw its garbage overboard for the beaches to be affected. Because the island can be a Muslim pilgrimage site this is not a place for mendacity on the beach in a bikini but swimming sporting a T-shirt and shorts (i.e. Malaysian Type!) is acceptable.

There are just a few meals stalls and outlets on the island for refreshments.
Photos: (L) Seaside on the island. Anjung Batu Ferry Jetty.

Easy methods to Get to Pulau Besar
Take the coast highway (Freeway 5) from Melaka metropolis towards Muar. At Umbai, comply with the indicators for Umbai Jetty. Here you can park your car (RM5) and hire a velocity boat stone island tinto hooded shirt jacket to take you to the island. I paid RM100 for the spherical trip. The boat is able to holding a dozen or so people so is good value for a big group. After dropping us at the island, the boat driver gave us his mobile number and we simply referred to as him to pick us up once we wanted to go back.

His name is Abu Chik with cell 016-677 5035. I see from his business card that he also runs journeys to smaller islands in the neighborhood similar to Pulau Lalang, Pulau Serimbun, Pulau Nangka, Pulau Dodol, Pulau Undan, Pulau Hanyut, Pulau Binatang, Pulau Burung, Pulau Feringgi and Pulau Hantu.

Pictures: (L) Umbai Jetty where the speed boats can be employed. Passenger disembarking at the island with the assistance of a ladder.

In case you are alone or in a small group it would be better worth for money to take the ferry.
The ferry operates from Anjung Batu Jetty which is just one or two kilometres further on from Umbai. There is automotive park at the ferry terminal (RM3).

There are 7 ferries a day in every direction:
Anjung Batu




Depart Jetty

Pulau Besar




Ticket Price
Return/2 Methods

RM14 Grownup
RM10 Youngster (ages 5-12)

RM three Little one (ages 1-4)

As mentioned the Putera Island Resort is closed down and most websites quoting accommodation on this island are out of date. I might recommend a day journey solely and as a substitute stay in a single day in Melaka.

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