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Piri Reis Map Evidence Of Past Polar Shifts

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Historical past margin:0px !vital;” />Maps of Historical Sea Kings, printed in 1966. The e-book Maps of Historical Sea Kings, which many believe impressed the novel The HAB Theory (1976) by Allen W. Eckert a fictitious look at how the world comes to terms with an impending Polar Shift, is a must learn for anyone curious about misplaced civilizations and maps that present the ancients knew way more concerning the Earth than our history books reveal.

Garment-Dyed Membrana Hooded Jacket In RedThe most startling proof the Piri Reis map reveals is just not the unbelievable accuracy of the map itself, nor the use of longitude lines (which wasn’t precisely recorded till 1762), however the Antarctic coastline mapped with fantastic element utterly freed from ice. In line with all sources I have discovered the newest possible time the coastline of Antarctica could have been freed from ice is at the least 8,000 to 13,000 years in the past. For that matter orthodox historical past concludes that Antarctica wasn’t even discovered until 1818!

Latest satellite mapping of the region have confirmed that the Piri Reis map was incredibly correct for the time interval it was produced and but the map maker himself wrote within the margins that he had reproduced this map from about twenty or so even more ancient maps of the World.

This and different proof lead Hapgood to the conclusion that there existed in historic occasions a sophisticated civilization that rivaled our own. One he concluded must have lived in a time when Antarctica was free of ice. The Oronteus Finaeus Map of 1531 clearly shows the interior of Antarctica reproducing rivers, mountains and plains and will need to have been made from even earlier maps by cartographers that possessed a excessive diploma of skill in geometry and trigonometry, that is conceded by mainstream science and is not a difficulty.

The issue is how such a complicated civilization may exist in our ancient past and yet go away no trace of their tradition or monuments of their existence behind.
This may be easily defined if we start to query orthodox historical past’s model of our past, comparable to how outdated the pyramids actually are

Are we to readily settle for that these pyramids of incredible design and precision have been really constructed by hundreds of slaves utilizing stone age tools and pulley’s, lifting stones that our trendy cranes cannot elevate

Are we to just accept unquestioningly the idea that the Ancient Egyptians created the Giza Necropolis in all its exquisite glory and architectural precision 5,000 years ago and but lots of of years later could not even build one pyramid that has lasted even half as lengthy

Absolutely a complicated culture able to mapping the world, wouldn’t stay in the frozen tundra of Antarctica and yet they’d mapped your entire continent free of ice! The obvious conclusion is that the continent was not positioned at the South Pole in the course of the interval it was mapped.

In accordance with the Piri Reis map it was situated between the tip of South America and Africa.
Nibiru’s Orbit
A brief Biography of Piri Reis
Piri Reis was born in the city of Karaman, close to Konya, Turkey, (date unknown) nonetheless the 12 months seems to be around 1462. He joined his uncle Kemal Reis’ pirate fleet and gained stone island shadow project 3l hooded sweatshirt a name for himself terrorizing the Mediterranean in his youth. He then joined the Imperial Ottoman Fleet in the course of the reign Beyazit II (1481-1512) along with his uncle and was named a Captain.

Piri Reis gained an superior status as a sailor and fighter throughout the battles of Moden and Inhebahti. He served the Imperial Ottoman Fleet for forty two extra years and ultimately made the rank of Commander. He was referred to as a poet, map maker and writer as well as a fierce fighter and tactician.

Piri Reis wrote a e book known as the Kitabi Bahriye (The Navy’s Guide) which was devoted to the geography of the waters he sailed and which lead to much more fame. In 1551, while nearing eighty or ninety he was commissioned with 31 ships as Commander in Chief of the Fleet of Egypt and set sail for the island of Hurmuz within the Persian Gulf the place he laid siege to it.

The islanders bribed him with treasure and he lifted the siege and sailed again to Egypt. Of his 31 vessels he returned with solely two slipping previous an enormous Portuguese Naval blockade on the entrance to the Persian Gulf. The Governor of Egypt stole his treasure and labelled him a traitor, turning him over to the Emperor Suleiman the Magnificent of Turkey who enraged would not imagine his story and had him executed in 1554.

A Foreward to Earth’s Shifting Crust by Dr. Albert Einstein
Here is a paragraph from the ahead that Albert Einstein wrote for Charles E. Hapgood’s Earth’s Shifting Crust, the precursor to Maps of Ancient Sea Kings.

“In a polar area there’s continuous deposition of ice, which is not symmetrically distributed concerning the pole. The Earth’s rotation acts on these unsymmetrically deposited lots, and produces centrifugal momentum that is transmitted to the inflexible crust of the Earth. The constantly growing centrifugal momentum produces in this fashion will, when it has reached a sure point, produce a motion of the Earth’s crust over the rest of the Earth’s physique, and this may displace the polar areas toward the equator.”

That Einstein can be keen to position his reputation on such a concept lends credence to the seriousness of which he believed this principle to have a basis the truth is.

I’ve lengthy suspected that the polar shifts of the past have taken place shortly moderately than slowly and many writers seem to agree with me comparable to Marshall B. Gardners, beautiful work Journey to the Earth’s Interior written in 1915 would attest.

The catalyst for these Polar Shifts is the three,657 year orbit of the Planet Nibiru which has remained a carefully guarded secret for many years only coming to light from Zecharia Zitchin’s exhaustive works The Earth Chronicles.

The HAB Principle
In line with the engineer Hugh Auchincloss Brown (HAB) the almost definitely scenario to trigger a Polar Shift could possibly be offered by the Polar Ice itself and centrifugal pressure. The HAB Principle, combined with the latest return of Nibiru and its affects on the Earth’s magnetic core might very effectively lead to a Polar Shift adequate enough to maneuver continents greater than 2,000 miles in a very short time period.

This concept would additionally clarify how the crust would transfer away from the poles in the direction of the equator due to the rising (centrifugal pressure) after which cease (attributable to melting ice transferring into temperate zones) earlier than reaching the equator.

Of course that is just a idea however it might clarify much of the historic text that do not make sense to our modern day circumstances. Mainstream science does not dispute that Polar Shifts have occurred up to now. The dispute lies in how they are brought on and after they happened and for probably the most part why!

However if we had been to include the theory that our planet has shifted its Polar Axis as effectively this might add to the credence of such a principle and clarify why some land lots reminiscent of Siberia and Alaska skilled severe climate change in a very short time period.

The lack of knowledge and investigation on the planet Nibiru or as some favor to call it, Planet X ( for the Roman numeral X, the 10th planet ) or in case you subscribed to the Sumerian and Zecharia Zitchin explanation and embody the Solar and the Moon the ( twelfth Planet ), retains many people from grasping how the planet might tilt on its axis to such a degree as to cause the continents to move from a chilly local weather to a warm one.

The truth that the Piri Reis map is real shouldn’t be in doubt but what most people can’t wrap their minds round is how Antarctica could have been positioned 2,000 miles closer to the equator than its current day location indicates.

If one cast apart all the illogical history that is designed particularly to keep the reasonable knowledgeable from utilizing important thinking and protecting an open mind, then it is easy to see how we’ve got been deceived for thousands of years.

The continental drift theory that’s taught in all our history books is very similar to the theory of evolution a premise that cannot be proven and which takes place over a period of hundreds of thousands of years, a number most humans easy can not grasp. But NASA has informed us that the North Pole is transferring at a charge of forty miles a year and declare this is gradual.

To this present day no geologist has provide you with a reasonable explanation for a way the ice ages may have occurred instantly freezing animals in an upright place with food nonetheless of their mouths.

If one uses the presence of Nibiru affecting the Earth’s orbit as the catalyst for The HAB Principle it makes perfect sense. It is no surprise each books have been censored from the mainstream public, as any one with an open mind and significant pondering expertise might easily put the items of the puzzle together.

Many ancient cultures the World over have alluded to cataclysms from rising flood waters and volcanic activity. The Mayas, the Hindu, the Chinese, the Native Individuals, the Egyptians, the Sumerians all have stories of massive floods and cataclysm in their legends and previous histories this is no secret.

Many of those stories embrace the Purple Dragon, the Winged Chariot or Globe, Wormwood and the Nemisis because the precursor to those events, a celestial body that appears in our skies. This surely is Nibiru returning from it prolonged journey into our solar system.

In this article Piri Reis Evidence of Past Polar Shifts I hope I have helped you to grasp that there’s proof for the Polar Shift out there in case you are willing to open your mind and explore the potentialities. What proof will we leave behind for our descendants to decipher and puzzle over 3,657 years from now . . . only time will tell!

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sendingAuthorsomethgblue 11 months in the past from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Or a thousand but since our soul is immortal what difference does it make . . . as long because the lesson gets realized!

Authorsomethgblue 11 months ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Sure, that’s a problem nevertheless I’ve been engaged on correcting that . . . perhaps I will study that lesson in my subsequent life

Thank you for studying each!
This Hub jogs my memory of how I must do a submit over Lake Vostok soon, every time I decide to give up being so lazy in a cyber fashion. You talked about Antarctica in this text, effectively, I feel I should write about the mysterious lake that resides in the center of it…

Hopefully, I’ll get motivated tomorrow or the subsequent day, and verify up on some resources and write the dang factor…

I normally simply give my Hubs a quick slap job, so it should not take very lengthy, but it’s just a matter of actually doing it…

Scott is has nothing to do with being clairvoyant just with the ability to view info with an open mind and use vital considering abilities.

The plain levity wherein you point out Bigfoot and different topics betrays your insecurity on the matter, a common troll tactic.

Your arguments are getting more desperate and replicate the apparent disinformation being created for the general public.

Its sort of sad watching you scramble round for excuses and pathetic arguments nevertheless be at liberty to continue.

Oh, my bad. Bigfoot, then. Now did I get it
It is tough to parse the psychological workings of someone who does not know the difference between the geographic and magnetic poles. If you don’t perceive that basic idea, you’re likely to consider any loopy factor.

And, as we’ve already established, I’m not clairvoyant.
No, you weren’t close but you’ve gotten proved what the remainder of us already knew about your lack of critical considering abilities, slender minded perceptions and want for attention, thanks for confirming this for us.

Had you really read the article within the hyperlink there could be no need for guesswork as they mainly spell it out for you, even a sixth grader would of discovered the connection.

You will possible have to follow letting the Television do your pondering for you, in any case it’s what your good at.

I feel for myself, thanks. Nonetheless, my thoughts capabilities primarily based on logic and cause, so I’m not following your psychological leaps.

If I needed to guess, I might say your thesis is that “Nibiru” is someway creating an unusual change in the Earth’s magnetic discipline. You cannot explain how this nonexistent planet does this, after all, but that’s as a result of the “Powers That Be” are keeping it secret. Which can also be the convenient clarification why no legitimate scientist or astronomer has ever discovered any evidence of your made-up planet. They’re all in on the conspiracy! It’s the only logical clarification!

Also, it has something to do with the Hollow Earth, and the Nazi-laden UFOs flying around the holes on the poles causing them to shift and displacing the crust and revealing Comet Elenin’s prime-secret hiding place in Atlantis with the Loch Ness Monster.

Properly Was I shut
Lets strive to make use of our brain Scotty boy, if I spell all the things out for you then you definitely wouldn’t need to grow one.

You could possibly simply let others think for you want the rest of the sheep, baa, baa!
I’ll nonetheless spell it out in my next hub for these of you want Scott incapable of utilizing crucial considering.

Mundane: Thank you for the correction. In contrast to you”clairvoyant beings,” I can admit to being incorrect.

Blue: Thanks for that very interesting story about solar storms. What does it should do with something

Properly when you want NASA’s word then this should present the knowledge you’re searching for however this may occasionally require utilizing some vital thinking so I will not hold my breath.…
Why is it that most folks that communicate a few “non sequitur,” rarely spell it right

No, Scott, what you describe as “mechanical thinking” is incorrect, as you are the one that needs to test for a pulse to “prove” that you are alive, while the remainder of us chuckle on the months of “studies” it takes many of y’all to attract conclusions that us clairvoyant beings arrive at within seconds; blah!

Your entitled to your misguided opinion.
scottcgruber 5 years in the past from USA

I do not rely on different people’s words. I rely on their evidence. Show me convincing proof that an thought is true and I’ll settle for it. All you science deniers ever present is assertion and non-sequitir. You begin with the ridiculous conclusion and claim any “anomaly” (often an explainable phenomenon you just do not understand) as evidence for the conclusion.

Now That’s mechanical considering.
Insane Mundane 5 years in the past from Earth

Hey, Scott, there are various “peer-reviewed” journals that are faked and bogus; get real. You really do rely on different people’s word, eh Develop some intuition and probably pray that you turn into clairvoyant at some point, as perhaps you’ll quit being 100% mechanical in thought, only for once, for a change.

I am going to put them in my subsequent Hub for those with limited narrow minds incapable of researching for themselves . . . know anyone that matches that description

As a matter of reality I do know a video that places a lot of them collectively in a single spot . . . v=HsLqWbeA4iY 2) Aliens abound; Three) Your improvement in Website positioning skills…

Simply think of the crystal know-how and different nifty ways to do things, that a sophisticated race most likely performed right here, on this very identical earth, long ago…

It makes the invention of atomic energy look like childs play, to say the least…
Anyway, I never thought of utilizing that individual map for proof concerning polar shifts, as I always thought of other issues, when studying about it.

Oh, have you had any luck catching some big fish this 12 months I am approach overdue for a fish fry, as properly…

sheilanewton 5 years ago from North Shields, UK
Absolutely fascinating. Most assuredly intriguing. I agree that ‘orthodox’ history, as you place it, would love to keep us all in the dead of night. Thanks for bringing this to our consideration. Must perform some research of my very own and ‘hub’ it! Nicely accomplished, you. Very good Hub.

Authorsomethgblue 5 years in the past from Shelbyville, Tennessee
Thanks Jenubouka,

I could write volumes on ancient civilizations as I find it all very fascinating. The fact that orthodox historical past would select to maintain us in the dark on the origins of mankind makes me surprise what they really learn about our previous.

Ruth Clark 5 years ago from Arkansas, USA

jenubouka 5 years in the past
That is some actually cool info Somethgblue. You’ve gotten executed your research which is unbelievable. You provide a really stable argument! Take care.

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