Stone Island Shadow Mission Releases A Static-Printed Jacquard Parka

Continuing its exploration of operate and fashion, Stone Island Shadow Challenge not too long ago launched the Capo Lungo Vera Piuma Jacquard parka. Helmed by Errolson Hugh of ACRONYM, for Fall/Winter 2017, Shadow Project gave its flagship parka a pink-tinted static print makeover.

Garment-Dyed Membrana Light Jacket In Yellow

The multi-toned static sample discovered on the jacket is constructed by meshing Stone Island’s Large LOOM JACQUARD technique with a three-ply woven fabric and a nylon warp. An anti-drop garment dye is then used on the textiles to give it superior weather and stain repelling properties. A detachable hood, inside sling system and tilt storage pockets rounds up the design of the parka.

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