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Stone Island “Raso Gomatto”

Stone Island is understood to be the favorite model amongst people who love the “casual look”. The first item folks typically buy is a Stone jacket. A model new Stone Island jacket can easily cost +500$, therefore many purchase their Stone gadgets as second hand. There are made tons of faux Stone Island stuff. Right here we will present you to identify the distinction between a faux “Raso Gomatto” and a genuine “Raso Gomatto” with some simple primary advices, whenever you need to buy a used Stone Raso Gommato on, etc.

1. The worth

Soft Shell-R Gloves in Navy

First of all, use your common sense! Understand it, you can’t buy an original Raso Gomatto jacket in a superb situation for 100-150$, you simply can’t.

2. Art. Quantity
To explain what the Stone Island art numbers stand for first, here’s a short information:

If we for an example take this art quantity: “451556A4”.
45 stone island quilted overshirt burgundy = It’s the season of the jacket: (45 = Autumn/Winter 2006/2007), (forty six = Spring/Summer 2007), (forty seven = Autumn/Winter 2007-2008), (48 = Spring/Summer 2008), (49 = Autumn/Winter 2008-2009).

15 = Stone Island, (18 = is CP Firm, and 14 = Stone Island denims/denims)
5 = The kind of garment (here’s 5 = knitwear)

6 = The model of garment
A4 = Fabric

If the seller doesn’t have pictures of the artwork number on the advert, ask for an image of it – whereas there’s a 99% probability that the Raso Gomatto jacket is fake then.

Here is an example of a pretend Raso Gomatto artwork number:
Fake Raso Gomatto artwork number

ALL Raso Gommato’s with the art number: “40154B25/2993” are fake, ALL!
3. The well-known “yellow-stripe”

There are made few genuine Stone jackets with the yellow stripe for an example the Spring/Summer 2004, and maybe a number of more. But in the event you spot a Raso Gommato with the yellow stribe, then you definitely may be fairly sure, that it’s a fake (particularly if it’s cheap and with a faux art.

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