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Last Days On Pabaju: A Stone Arrangement On Albany Island Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia

Mcintyre-Tamwoy, Susan, Greer, Shelley, and Henry, Rosita (2015) Last days on Pabaju: a stone association on Albany Island Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. Quaternary International, 385. pp. 79-87.

Garment-Dyed Chest Pocket Cotton T-Shirt in White 2015This paper describes a stone association on Pabaju (Albany Island) near the tip of Cape York Peninsula, Queensland, Australia. The island is a part of the traditional lands of the Gudang Aboriginal people. The location ‘Tarrungi’ is one of quite a lot of stone arrangements in this space, which we interpret as the tangible proof of ritual alternate inside a regional Stone Island Outlet cosmo-political landscape. The location on Pabaju is necessary as it has not suffered the same degree of disturbance from vacationers as similar websites on the nearby Australian mainland. The presence of buttons, flaked glass and other artefacts on the positioning are suggestive of rituals enacted simply after European settlement. This was at a time of significant social and political upheaval for the Gudang individuals who bore the brunt of the influence of European settlement in the region because the settlement of Somerset was positioned within the heartland of their conventional lands stone island overshirt jacket a mere 3 km south south-east of Tarrungi. In this paper we discover the relationship between ritual, cosmological re-working of contested landscapes and colonial settlement through the lens of an archaeological site on one in every of Australia’s most northerly islands.

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