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View From QCA: How Can We Ever Thank Vets Sufficient

I’ve been negligent too many years in bringing consideration to a really special second cousin, Donald W. Downey, and his twin brother, Francis, born to Elsa and Harley Downey in Elkader, Iowa in 1925.

Elsa and Harley later moved with household to the Quad-Cities and her surviving son, Francis, is residing in Davenport.

Donald and Francis have been twins born on Feb. 20, 1925. In case you have any issues with regards to wherever and also how to make use of Island, you possibly can e-mail us from the site. From what I’ve researched, both Donald and Francis joined the U.S. Marine Corps as soon as they turned 18 in 1943.

By Feb. 19, 1945, Donald and Francis have been serving Fifth Marine Amphibious Corps readying for the D-Day assault on Iwo Jima, Feb. 19, 1945. This assault was adopted by the fourth Marine Division, Amphibious.

The plan was to take the island and use it as the subsequent staging area to launch assaults on Japan itself. The operation was designated Operation Detachment.

Cousin Donald was killed at some point earlier than his 21st birthday, Feb. 19, 1945, subsequently, in the primary of the amphibious assaults. Brother Francis someway made it residence to his family.

Many of us have read about and/or seen news reels and films in regards to the attack on Iwo Jima. It was deemed essential to succeed.

The USMC forces, together with Navy Seebees, in addition to U.S. Navy and Marine aviators, succeeded in their mission, however hundreds of these superb young males perished, alongside Donald.

I have learn that of the 875 Marine Amphibious they misplaced 370 casualties that day. Donald was a kind of.

By March, 26, 1945, when the battle was over, there were an estimated 21,000 Japanese casualties. My cousin and his fellow Marines succeeded.

In honor stone island outlet in hackney of Donald, the native American Legion Adjutant Submit 106, Elkader, Iowa, helped me with the cleaning of Donald’s gravestone, in addition to that of his of us. This was in October 2014. The adjutant’s title in Elkader was Frank Phippen; a quiet and generous man, with out whose assist I could by no means have finished such a very good job cleansing the stone.

I used to be born in 1945, and thanks to males like my cousins, Donald and Francis, born into a free America. I can be endlessly indebted to these younger men, and my aunt and uncle, Harley and Elsa.

God bless the sacrifices of those brave and fantastic younger men, together with their parents and extended family! How can we presumably thanks sufficient

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