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Kindle Unlimited’s New Fee Phrases: An Author Does The Math

When Alex Hern reported on the Guardian’s tech blog in early July that Amazon’s new pay structure for Kindle Limitless books would possibly amount to authors being paid as little as $00.6 cents per copy, it set off an barrage of grumbling. I’m a grumbler, and, as a feminine author who acquired caught within the chick lit backlash of the mid-aughts, there’s nothing I really like complaining about greater than the publishing trade. Oh, the stone island moleskin hooded overshirt injustice! Oh, the double customary! Oh, the small-minded editors who cannot see beyond an arbitrary pink cover!

Critically, I might go on for hours.
Long Sleeved In Black For MenAs a champion grumbler, I’ve spent months wanting to get in on the grumbling action over the Kindle Unlimited program, which from the very beginning paid authors much less per ebook than an actual sale. In the subscription service’s first ten months, it paid a mean of roughly $1.Forty per guide, a considerable drop from the $2 dollars an author would make on a $2.99 sale. Clearly, this was a difficulty rife with unfairness. Oh, the injustice!

To my regret, I just could not work up the indignation. As a refugee from traditional publishing, I’m too in awe of the $1.40 royalty to grumble about it. $1.Forty is almost three times what I earned for my final traditionally revealed novel–a paperback unique for teenagers launched in 2010. The e book sold for $eight.99, and i earned a 6 percent royalty. That got here out to fifty four cents per copy.

My chick lit novels retailed for more and my royalty charge was barely higher, but I nonetheless earned less than a greenback per ebook–hardly a princely sum.

This observe record is why I could not get my grumble up over Kindle Limitless’s original metric, which paid a flat fee at any time when a e-book was learn passed the ten p.c mark, and why I can’t deliver myself to gripe over its new plan to pay authors for every web page learn. The $00.6 figure seems discouraging, however $1.30 for a 220-web page e book sounds completely reasonable to me.

The determine becomes twice as reasonable when one elements in what Amazon’s Kindle Version Normalized Page Rely (KENPC) algorithm considers a web page. The onerous copy of my book taps out at 278 pages. The novel was formatted utilizing the industry standards established by Createspace, Amazon’s print-on-demand service. Kindle Unlimited, nonetheless, clocks it at 535 pages, which is nearly double the ebook’s actual web page count. Going by this metric and Hern’s rough calculation, I am really being paid $.012 per page, or $three.12 per book. That’s 60 p.c greater than I’d get for a $2.Ninety nine sale!

Which means the place an inexpensive human being would look and see a 220-web page novel, the Kindlebot looks and sees a 440-page epic price about $2.60. Oh, the ka-ching!

Obviously, everybody’s experience is totally different, and I don’t doubt that a number of the outrage over the new policy is solely justified. The case for the brand new metric penalizing cookbook writers specifically seems strong, as people usually do not learn a cookbook from beginning to finish. On the whole, nonetheless, it strikes me as just a little premature for writers to renounce their craft. It is at the very least price waiting to see how the numbers truly shake out in August before hanging up one’s laptop computer for good, and if my 535-KENPC ebook in some way seems to be price lower than fifty four cents per copy, I shall be grumbling the loudest.

* * *
Lynn Messina grew up on Lengthy Island and studied English at Washington College in St. Louis. She has worked at the Museum of Tv & Radio (now the Paley Center for Media), Television Information, In Fashion, Rolling Stone, Health, ForbesLife, Self, Bloomberg Markets and a bunch of fantastic magazines which have long since disappeared. She mourns the dying of print journalism in New York City, the place she lives along with her husband and sons.