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Has The Easter Island Thriller Been Solved

The mysterious Moai statues of Easter Island have gazed inland for tons of of years.
And now experts consider they have lastly discovered how the Rapa Nui people placed distinctive ‘hats’ manufactured from red stone on top of a number of the figures’ heads, greater than seven-hundred years in the past.

They consider that the hats, or ‘pukao’, were rolled up ramps to reach the highest of the figures which measure as much as 40ft (12 metres) tall.

Mystery Island solved Experts imagine they have lastly discovered how the Rapa Nui people placed distinctive hats made from pink stone on prime of a number of the Easter Island figures’ heads, more than seven hundred years ago

Regardless of the dimensions of the statues, Sean Hixon an undergraduate scholar in archaeology and geology at the College of Oregon, believes the rolling of the bulky stones would have been comparatively easy.

‘It looks as stone island milano if a relatively small number of individuals could have carried out it, either by levering or rolling,’ he told stone island milano the 80th Annual Meeting of the Society for American Archaeology.

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This is regardless of the largest pukaos measuring six-and-a-half feet (two metres) in diameter and weighing 12 tonnes (1,890 stone).

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