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Three Untold Tales Of Atlantis And Poseidonia

Note: listed below are two tales, considerably out of place, written on the final moments of reediting the e-book (6-2007), written so the reader can simply put into focus what occurred during the Seize of the King of Atlantis whereas within the watery tomb of Atlantis, the gardens, and the Wisdom of Ais, for she did acquire some during her lengthy voyage from Atlantis to Hell, after which seeking out Limbo. The brief sketches are simple untold tales inside the tales you’ve just read, tales which may assist produce for the reader a extra descriptive image of those two occasions.

The Wisdom of Ais
Stone Island V Neck Grey(After the Capture of Her Husband, Phrygian, Anases listens to the wisdom of Ais  so she stood forth and said: “I shall go ahead, slightly than wait for the foes of hell to weigh on me, wondering what their subsequent move will likely be.”

Then Anases cried out in the garden of Atlantis, in its water tomb, “Ais, Queen of Atlantis, from the House of Phrygian, you may have seen the evil of the instances, and of the counsels of Hell had been vain, and that in the shameless land there isn’t any hiding, no escape but identified, and none will take our place and now you could have walked away from the husband of yours that once sat certainly within the high-seat of Atlantis, and who was ruler of all of the world. Let me know be your companion. For what’s left!”

Ais arose and stated firmly, “You do no evil that I know of, nor converse it, thus, there is stone island long sleeve t shirt no such thing as a disgrace in you, I did before as I do now, as my coronary heart tells me to I say to you previous friend and now companion… (She hesitates a moment) this woe is now come, and I’ll go on behalf of the Home of my Father, to hunt an entrance into this Limbo. I’ve had sufficient ache in my existence be it on earth or right here in Hell, we must merely go in a terrific haste and peruse a new abode, be it Limbo, or another corner of Hell. I deem this place is now not a sanctuary, because it as soon as was for us.

These words did indeed foster a kind of smile and adrenaline rush for Anases, “We then should depart, for shapes dwell within the passing of ships in the waters of Hades, and all of them result in evil,” responded Anases.

Now Ais, in her haste to go, left Anases to his personal, somewhat forgetting he was not coming, or following her to the opening in the mountain that lead out into the waters, for had she seemed again, she would have seen Anases holding on to an enormous stone construction of the dilapidated Atlantis. When she did flip round, he spoke from a distance, “Let me have my last moment please (grievously).”

“I beg you, come now…go away behind what remnants of an age lengthy gone to its decaying course of, it’s but a dying shadow in a big ocean,” mentioned Ais.

“Nay, nay, do take me with you, take me far away so I can not find this place again,” he stated.
The nice Seize

(Written 6-22-2007)
The capture of the King of Atlantis (Phrygian) was in fact not by accident, but slightly a planned betrayal, in the Backyard of Poseidonia, in the watery tomb of a mountain in the waters of Hades: that said, I must insure the small print are written down for posterity sake, for it was disregarded in the complete, during the narration of the story, I shall inform it because it was from the reminiscence of Beelzebub who instructed it 100 instances on the docks of Hell (The King of Demons)who was present, what could possibly be higher than that:

“…as we drew near in that watery tomb of Atlantis, hidden we were within the garden, for the moment got here when we took step-by-step, yes certainly we crept behind him, halting, when he stood silent, so he could not here our breath, or foot motion, and , and see where my eyes have been burning, burning I say with anticipation of his seize. I stated to my self a thousand occasions that hour, ‘…get the king, get the king…’ and my presence didn’t daybreak on him. Unwavering I used to be, and naturally, my companions, nevertheless it was me behind him, the closest, I dare anyone to say totally different. I insured I remained towards the light, so his compadre, Anases didn’t see me, and he did not. Escape was not potential at this moment, and it was for me beyond enduring, for I wanted to seize him, however I did not need him to flee.

Then I and my companions leaped on him, abruptly, all of us…forcing him down, and hogtied him with chains. Sure, peril fell upon this king of kings from the earth, like a spider to a fly, like lightening placing a tree, like a bear grabbing its prey, that was us.”

And so remembered the thoughts of the demon, and his thoughts grew dark and more adventurous each time he told the story. The one thing the King said in his mind after the occasion was that, ‘All hope is false in Hell!’

A Poem for Ais
Blood burns, when there is sadness,

For Ais, learned this to be so;
But now her memories of Phrygian

Have been lifeless and solidly froze
(now in the home of Limbo);

She knew not what she would find
Should she try to recollect

For her crossing from youth to outdated
Was all peril…!

No: 1882 6-22-2007
The Phrygian’ Mystery

(In Port of Poseidonia)
Written 6-23-2007

It was a wierd scene. The killing of the Excessive Priest of Poseidonia, Xandore, his brother, Xandoro heard it (as he was standing below the 1500-step doorway to the excessive tower), knew of it, didn’t see it, but Agaliarept knew Xandoro knew of it, he had to, he was Xandore´s assistant

within the temples of Poseidonia, the sister, Sham-hat whom additionally was a love priestess, she watched her older brother, now possessed by Agaliarept, with a bears eye, and a dears coronary heart (or so she figured he was), however much more so she watched Xandoro, whom she knew the King and Agaliarept would go after, she had heard a lot of the methods of her brother Xandore´s new moods, and pale skin, and now Poseidonia had two mysteries, what occurred to Xandore And now the place was Xandoro Secrets and techniques have been by no means much in Poseidonia, but mysteries have been.

It was the third day Xandoro was lacking, and she dare not ask anybody in the palace, especially the demon infested new excessive priest with the shell of Xandore round him, nor the King (the Queen Ais, was not Queen but, not right now, however a princess of some far off stone island long sleeve t shirt island).

And it was that she walked via the Grand Market Place, this third night of her brother’s lacking, the king and Agaliarept had been having Orgies with boys, soldier’s wives, virgins, as often they did when life obtained boring, within the small palace house out there place, it was useful since it was close to where the king and Agaliarept could seize whomever they wished to have lust with that night. The King of Atlantis was younger, lustful, and spontaneous, if not foolish.

It was a wierd scene although, as Sham-hat walked by the underground corridors, the very ones the king used to go from constructing to constructing so he couldn’t be seen. She had heard that a solider had seen the likes of the King and Xandore carrying Xandoro down the steps into the underground catacombs of Atlantis, and in order I’ll say again, she was in these very similar corridors, and she had given herself to the guard to be there.

The candles she had, showed patches of light on this inky darkish underground tomb of kinds. As she seemed again, she noticed only figures projected in opposition to the light, but on the ground she seen drops of blood, perhaps once they dragged his body his foot minimize, or perhaps he was still alive and he reduce his foot on one of many perturbing rocks, to present somebody a sign he was going to be buried alive as a sacrifice to his Goddess, or Zeus himself.

It was a strong rock ground she walked on, and a maze at that. She had a gleam of hope that maybe he would nonetheless be alive, hoping his coffin was giant sufficient to keep sufficient air in it. She tried to put herself in her brother’s place, if she was in a coffin, she would hope he would determine she could be alive. If she was him, she’d even strive to cut her meals, with out drawing suspicion after all by the 2 culprits dragging him, or carrying him, thus leaving indicators the place she was being taken, but after all in this case He. Therefore she seemed for another indicators which may he left.

She adopted the blood droppings, they have been a couple of steps from one another, and it was an extended drag of the foot and leg. The dust on the ground was moved about one might see, that’s to say, it was disturbed. It regarded as if he was combating, and stumbled a couple of places by the marks on the flooring, and even some fingers dug into the partitions–scratch marks, perhaps made purposely.

She needed to interpret this quickly, for the foot steps had stopped, the three pairs anyhow, her brothers amongst the 2 assailants. She walked back a ways from the place she came from, the tunnel was lengthy and dusty, and she observed a word written on the wall, suspicious, she put her fingers on the wall as if to feel some type of abnormal sense. Certainly if he might he could be saying something now, so he was both lifeless, or gagged, and hands tied maybe. It was changing into an exasperating night, but she couldn’t cease, she felt there was progress up up to now.

The abductors needed to have hid him in this neighborhood, she concluded, the three pair of foot prints stopped right here. The phrase she read was “Mouse.” Down a methods, within the nook of the floor, on the bottom, was a hole, just slightly mouse-gap so it regarded, or was it a breathing hole, Questioned Sham-hat

For her life she could not distinguish a thing out of it, seemingly this was the one signal she had to go by, and so she began digging together with her fingers at the mouse hole, making it bigger, shinning the light over it, inserting the lit candles against the wall so she may dig with two fingers–the candles (two of them lit collectively) have been burning down slowly however burning down nonetheless, and she’d need time to get on back via the tunnels as soon as her mission was executed (so was her thinking at this second), signs unseen to others with much less light, and the one signal she had, and her instincts informed her it was a grave; on her knees she dug, examined the ground, inch by inch persevering with to dig. For some three hours, she crawled round this space on her knees till she disengaged one stone, perhaps a foot long and the same deep. Then she removed one other, and she found it was a big tomb, and she went down into it–dropping her body down several ft, that is to say, she held the candles in her mouth, what was left of them, and hanging on to the edge of the sq. gap, she dropped with her feet below her onto a stone floor, a mausoleum of types. There were a number of women and men there on pyres, and her brother was among them, except, the others were of a skeleton kind, and rotted cloths hanging on them, loosely.

She moved closer to her brother, his eyes opened, he was tied to the pyre, and was gagged. She regarded behind her, heard one thing like foot steps above her, she must step on her brothers shoulders (she figured), once renewed with life to get out of this large tomb, what she did not know was, behind her was the soldier she had pad with flesh to get entrance to the catacombs (additionally the king and Agaliarept figured one thing of this nature might happen, and warned the guards to keep a watch out of this kind of conduct, lest they lose their eyes for not doing so); and as she started to take the gag out of her brother’s mouth, an she could hear the footsteps nearing.