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Sherlock’s Day Out In King’s Touchdown

King’s Landing, the great cesspool into which all of the idlers and loungers of the empire are irresistibly drained.

Sherlock regained his consciousness, solely to find himself lying in the midst of a road. The small tattered houses around him were all engulfed by fierce flames, the people of Kings Touchdown operating away stone island liquid reflective jacket green haphazardly, grabbing onto their belongings. Noise and chaos have been spread in all places and shrieks encompassed the troubled square. Fixed volley of burning stones had been being hurled onto the city by the Targaryen fleet.

Sherlock began looking all around, making an attempt to make some sense of the upheaval. Alas! He needed to resort to the only thing which might get him out. His wits.

Sherlock pondering-
Hearth.. chaos.. misery. Wherever I am, this place is being attacked. The clothes of the commoners.. shrouding veils and flying drapes.. The middle ages I need to get out.

*Will get up and starts working*
The attackers are pelting town with fireplace.. the odor.. the moisture in the air says sea breeze. The attackers must be utilizing ships then. Range of the fireballs suggests using Trebuchets.. distance says they’re actually near the shore.. If they are close.. the preliminary pawns will need to have already began attacking the forces by town partitions.. they must have been making an attempt to penetrate the Stone Island Accessories gates.. Since I don’t know how lengthy it has been that I was unconscious, I don’t know if the gates have been razed or not.. Both approach I should run the other approach.. The sport is On!

*After working for a few minutes, encounters the Targaryen forces who are busy laying waste to town*

Red shrouds.. dragons.. totally different sigils.. enemies. They’re killing the commoners.. no mercy. I’ve to cover deep in that alley.. charging bull all the time tries to see the broader image.. the band will march on until the square and ahead onto the palace.. If I stay right here, I’ll turn into part of the massacre.

*Hides at the hours of darkness alley. Many of the soldiers move on, however a tall one senses a shadow and decides to follow through*

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Tall soldier.. six feet seven.. north of two hundred and eighty pounds.. chances of successful in a fistfight- minimal. Archaic design of the helmet.. restricted vision.. harder to move the neck around.. missing proper eye.. holding his sword within the left hand.. attacking from 10 o’ clock will increase the possibilities of winning. Impaired stroll.. experienced soldier.. suffered fairly a blow on the appropriate knee.. wound has healed but has disturbed his walk.. says greater than a year previous. Scars by his arms.. crisscross of the wrinkles on his face.. says an skilled swordsman.. possibilities of winning diminishing further. A method road.. the only approach out is to remove him from the picture.. getting close to him and being in his proximity will only end in his sword passing by me. I’ve to keep up distance.. at the identical time.. knock him down with some kind of a ballistic weapon. I can’t find one here.. he is approaching closer.. suppose Sherlock suppose.. the stones.. the sand.. good ol’ manner.