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In the event you Equate Cash With Energy

The next are quotes from the Monkey Island sequence of adventure video games by LucasArts.
Reflective Print Cotton T-Shirt in Grey1 Working gags
2 The secret of Monkey Island
3 Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge
four The Curse of Monkey Island
5 Escape from Monkey Island
6 Tales of Monkey Island 6.1 Launch of the Screaming Narwhal
6.2 The Siege of Spinner Cay
6.3 The Lair of the Leviathan
6.Four The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
6.5 the Rise of the pirate God

Running gags[edit]

– “I am Guybrush Threepwood, mighty .” – Introduction of the principle character, Guybrush Threepwood. Most frequently identifies himself as a mighty pirate.

Insult: “You combat like a dairy farmer.” Comeback: “How applicable. You struggle like a cow.”
– Sword fight insult, written by Orson Scott Card.

– “Look behind you, a 3-Headed Monkey!” Utilized by many characters (particularly Guybrush) to distract somebody long enough to escape. In the primary recreation, a three-headed monkey really appeared behind said characters, but they did not notice

– “I’m selling these nice leather jackets.” – Guybrush (a recurring phrase in virtually every LucasArts journey sport since first spoken by Indiana Jones in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)

– “That’s the second biggest I’ve ever seen!” – Guybrush, when seeing one thing big (generally stated in Get Good)

– “I must have left it in my different pants.” – Guybrush, when asked about an merchandise he doesn’t have.

The secret of Monkey Island[edit]
– “I wanna be a pirate!” – oft-repeated and unexplained aspiration of the protagonist, Guybrush Threepwood

– “So you want to be a pirate, eh You look more like a flooring inspector.” – Blind Lookout to Guybrush Threepwood

– “Please Pretty please Please pretty please with sugar on high ” – Guybrush Threepwood, when wanting one thing badly.

– “That’s the second largest monkey head I’ve ever seen!” – Guybrush, about the enormous stone monkey head on Monkey Island

– “Ah, there’s nothing like the new winds of Hell blowing in your face.” – Le Chuck, on his ghost ship in a river of lava

– “I can’t help but feel I’ve been ripped off. [In direction of the fourth wall.] I’m positive you are feeling one thing similar.” – Guybrush Threepwood to Sword Trainer

– “Swordfighting is a little like making love. It’s not always what you do, but what you say.” – Sword Trainer to Guybrush Threepwood

– “Is that a banana in your pocket or are you simply pleased to see us ” – The Cannibals to Guybrush

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge[edit]
– “I’m a mighty pirate!” – oft-repeated phrase of the protagonist, Guybrush Threepwood

– “I can’t make the one thing this island may actually use… a voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande!” – stated by several residents of Scabb Island about the local bully, shortly before Guybrush commissions a voodoo doll of Largo LaGrande

– “I’m sensing a disturbance within the Force…as if a tiny voice simply referred to as out…and hastily scratched a message in a desk.” – The Voodoo Lady, when Wally is kidnapped
Paraphrasing Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode IV: A brand new Hope

The Curse of Monkey Island[edit]
– “I can’t, I’m washing my hair tonight” – Elaine Marley, reply to LeChuck asking her to be his undead spouse

– “I’m not bald! I simply have a really high widow’s peak.” – Murray, the demonic speaking skull
– “Mine is the title pirates worry probably the most: Edward “Snugglecakes” Van Helgen!” – Edward Van Helgen

– “It looks like a ship’s skipper, first mate, a professor, and the remaining.” – Guybrush, when taking a look at a pile of skulls, in reference to Gilligan’s Island

– “I assume I broke my skull. I’m *all* skull.” – Murray the demonic talking skull, having fallen from an incredible height

– “Join me, Rosencrantz! I am your FATHER!” – Slappy Cromwell, reciting lines from his play, re-written from Hamlet by the use of Star Wars Episode stone island junior polo shirt V: The Empire Strikes Again.

– “It was no mere nightmare, Guybrush! Search your feelings! You comprehend it to be true!” – LeChuck, quoting Star Wars Episode stone island junior polo shirt V: The Empire Strikes Back

– “I received a lot cash, It is embarassing!” – Guybrush in the smugglers’ cave
– “We don’t serve yer form here!” – Haggis MacMutton, when Guybrush enters the barbershop tarred-and-feathered (another line from Star Wars)

– “I feel like I could, TAKE ON THE WORLD!” – Wally (a line from Day of the Tentacle)
– “Ask me about Grim Fandango.” – A badge worn by the silent patron in the hen restaurant.
Grim Fandango is another adventure recreation by LucasArts. Additionally a reference to The secret Of Monkey Island, the place a character from Loom sporting an “Ask me about Loom” badge was to be seen.

– “It’s the stuff that actually boring desires are fabricated from.” – Guybrush, taking a look at a stuffed raven
Very well-known altered citation from The Maltese Falcon.

– “But- at- what- value ” – Guybrush, imitating Captain Kirk
Escape from Monkey Island[edit]

– “Life is like pillaging a trading vessel sure for Jamestown… Ya never know what you are gonna get.” – Guybrush sitting on a bench on Lucre Island, in reference to Forrest Gump

– “Ahh, the center finger, essentially the most communicative of fingers.” – Guybrush, when trying on the middle finger of the enormous hand within the Voodoo Lady’s shop

– “I could also be a dunce, but at the least I’m a mighty pirate dunce!” – Guybrush, after getting himself kicked out of the pirate re-training college on Knuttin Atoll

– “Are you positive we will not kill him I’ve let him alive before, and it’s at all times been a big mistake.” – LeChuck, about Guybrush Threepwood

– “Well… you struggle like a cow!” – Guybrush, when LeChuck exits the Governor’s Mansion
– “Get that thing away from me, you twisted freak!” – Murray, when Guybrush exhibits him the “Abomination of Nature”

– “SEE souvenirs of Guybrush Threepwood’s most well-known escapades! Style culinary delights authorized by genuine pirates! HEAR lovely pirate people music! Really feel your souls being gently ripped out of your our bodies by this restaurant of uncompromising EEEEEVIL!!! MWAH-HAH-HAH-HAAA!!!” – Murray

– “Oh, the temperature’s a-rising whereas my sweat’s a-vapourising and that i can not really feel my legs under my knees anymore.” – Guybrush, waiting for the experience in the first Church of LeChuck to begin

– “Iron Maiden! Glorious! …Uh, I don’t know why I stated that.” – Guybrush, examining an iron maiden. Reference to the film “Invoice and Ted’s Glorious Adventure”.

– “Okay… Goodbye cruel journey sport!!…. .. naah forget it” – Guybrush at his mansion whereas standing at the cliff and hitting enter to leap off the cliff to start with of the sport.

– “That is the second largest… No… No, that’s the most important conch shell I’ve ever seen!”
Tales of Monkey Island[edit]

Launch of the Screaming Narwhal[edit]
– “Is this thing sloshing Four phrases you don’t want to hear when picking up a coffin.” – Guybrush, when selecting up a monkey coffin.

– “So we’re going to die… once more… wonderful!” – Elaine, when Guybrush drops the Voodoo root beer
– “These socks need an excellent darning… Darn you, socks!” – Guybrush, when examining a pair of socks

Nipperkin: “You understand, Threepwood, you’ve got spunk. Pirate spunk.”
Guybrush: “Ew”
LeChuck: Do ya thoughts I am in the middle of an unholy ceremony!
Guybrush: Unholy this [Stabs LeChuck]
Elaine: “Unholy this ”
Guybrush: Yeah, well he didn’t give me a lot to work with

The Siege of Spinner Cay[edit]
The Lair of the Leviathan[edit]

– “You have to kill me! And I’m already dead”
– “The testers – sitting in a dark room with a lava lamp and pondering they’re in heaven”

– “Animations I don’t need animations!

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