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A Wiki Of Ice And Hearth

Dragonstone is an island in Blackwater Bay within STONE the crownlands. The island is positioned south of Crackclaw Point and Claw Isle, northeast of Driftmark, and north of the Gullet.[1] It contains the castle of Dragonstone, the seat of House Baratheon of Dragonstone.

1 Geography
2 Historical past 2.1 House Targaryen
2.2 Dance of the Dragons
2.Three Warfare of the Usurper


Dragonstone is a volcanic island on the mouth of Blackwater Bay, created by the active volcano, Dragonmont. Damp and dreary,[2] it smells of sulfur and brimstone.[Three]

The castle of Dragonstone is a small fortress located on the face of the volcano. The close by port accommodates inns, including a weathered little inn at the tip of a stone pier.[Four] Farmers and fishermen reside in villages beneath the Dragonmont.[5]

Beneath Dragonmont are rich deposits of dragonglass. There is far obsidian seen in the previous tunnels beneath the mountain, found in chunks and boulders. The higher part of it is black, however there is some green obsidian as effectively, some crimson, even purple.[6]

By way of the dalliances of many Targaryen lords and princes over time, most of the smallfolk of the island are descendants of that dynasty, and are referred to as dragonseeds.[5] Stannis Baratheon, Lord of Dragonstone, has outlawed prostitution on the island.[Four]

Home Targaryen
The isle of Dragonstone was settled two centuries before the Doom by Valyrians who defeated native lords of the narrow sea. They used magic to form the castle of Dragonstone. When the maiden Daenys Targaryen had visions of the Doom, her father Aenar relocated his family, their 5 dragons, and all their wealth from the Valyrian peninsula to Dragonstone.[7][eight]

House Targaryen turned powerful by controlling the Gullet and rising dragons in Dragonstone’s hatcheries; the dragons Vhagar and Meraxes were born on their island, for instance. Although the Targaryens had been sovereign, their island “kingdom” was not thought-about one of stone island junior 14 the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.[9]

Aegon the Conqueror, Lord of Dragonstone, invaded mainland Westeros and conquered six of the Seven Kingdoms with dragons in Aegon’s Conquest.[8] Quenton Qoherys, grasp-at-arms of Dragonstone, became Lord of Harrenhal after the burning of Black Harren.[10] After their deaths, the our bodies of Aegon and his successor, Aenys I Targaryen, were burned on Dragonstone in conventional Valyrian manner.[11]

Royal fleets from King’s Touchdown and Dragonstone have periodically been despatched to deal with pirates in the slim sea.[12]

Dance of the Dragons
Through the Dance of the Dragons, the island served as the early seat of energy for Queen Rhaenyra Targaryen and her black council. She seized the Iron Throne after the fall of King’s Landing. Lord Larys Robust smuggled King Aegon II Targaryen from the capital, nonetheless, and hid Aegon at a remote fishing village on Dragonstone, appropriately believing that the queen would not think to look for her rival on her own island. Aegon’s dragon, Sunfyre, finally found its method to its dragonrider as well. With the assistance of Ser Alfred Broome and smallfolk, Aegon was in a position to take control the island and its castle. Rhaenyra returned to her island after the Storming of the Dragonpit. Unaware of the fall of Dragonstone, however, she was captured by Aegon’s supporters after which fed to Sunfyre. The golden dragon eventually died there of its own wounds.[5]

Struggle of the Usurper
In the course of the Battle of the Usurper, Prince Rhaegar Targaryen was killed by Robert Baratheon, Lord of Storm’s End, within the Battle of the Trident. In response, King Aerys II Targaryen sent Queen Rhaella Targaryen with his new heir, Prince Viserys Targaryen, from King’s Landing to Dragonstone. Nine months later, while a fierce storm destroyed the Targaryen fleet at Dragonstone, Rhaella died giving beginning to Daenerys Targaryen.[13]

Robert I, the new king after Aerys’s dying in the course of the Sack of King’s Landing, ordered his youthful brother, Stannis Baratheon, to assemble a brand new fleet and conquer Dragonstone from the remaining Targaryen loyalists. Ser Willem Darry fled with Viserys and Daenerys for the security of the Braavosian coast before Stannis’s ships arrived. Stannis commanded the successful assault on Dragonstone.[13][14][15] Robert then granted the island and its castle to Stannis.[Sixteen]

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Stannis Baratheon, Lord of Dragonstone, returns to his island from King’s Landing shortly after King Robert I Baratheon travels north to supply the Hand of the King stone island junior 14 to Lord Eddard Stark.[17]

While sailing from White Harbor to King’s Touchdown, Storm Dancer survives a storm while passing the island of Dragonstone.[18]

During the War of the Five Kings, the poor lands of Dragonstone give King Stannis few supporters for his declare to the Iron Throne. For the previous half-year no craft that has come within sight of Dragonstone has been allowed to go away once more.