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Tom Selleck’s New Careers After Blue Bloods Are Cancelled

Tom Selleck’s New Careers After Blue Bloods Are Cancelled
Updated on October 19, 2011 Kenneth Avery moreContact Author How it all stone island jumpers junior started . . .
Sooner or later, a number of weeks in the past, I used to be sitting at my dining room table having fun with a box of Kentucky Fried Rooster, a cup of recent Community espresso, and instantly Tom Selleck, superstar actor popped into my thoughts. I did not suppose that much of it at the time. And continued to eat my Kentucky Fried Chicken like every regular man would do. Then, as I took out a chicken leg, he was there once more. Tom Selleck. Smiling the devilish smile and not saying a word. One time, coincidence. Two occasions, I did not know. Now I used to be getting extra annoyed than involved. I do not prefer to be interrupted as I eat my Kentucky Fried Rooster.

I finished my meal. Cleared the table and headed for my trusty outdated sofa in my residing room for my each day nap. Ahhh, I felt good. Ready to sleep an hour or two in peaceful bliss. No, not right this moment. Fate didn’t have me napping like a child as we speak. I tossed to the suitable. There he was. Tom Selleck. I tossed to the left. Tom Selleck. I received up, very cranky, from not getting my nap, and went outdoors. There he was. Tom Selleck. Standing within the bushes near my front yard. Boy, did he look foolish crept down behind these bushes. He seemed like a “peeping tom.” No pun, meant.

Now I admire Tom Selleck, the illustrious star of television and movies as much as any man, but I’d like the respect of being known as when Selleck of any well-known man or woman goes to pay me a visit. That is just plain good manners, when you ask me. Even Tom Selleck should know better than to scare a man of my age, 57. I don’t have the cat-like reflexes as I did when I used to be 20. And that, my pals, is hard to deal with.

Let’s speak briefly about Tom Selleck’s career . . .
At the moment, Tom Selleck is the star of CBS’ Friday night hit, Blue Bloods. Selleck plays Frank Reagan, police commissioner of recent York City. His two sons, Donnie Wahlberg plays Danny, Will Estes, performs Jamie, his daugher, Bridget Moynahan, performs Erin Reagan-Boyle, the assistant district legal professional while Lou Cariou, performs Frank’s dad, Henry. Blue Bloods is a superb mixture of drama, motion, and suspense–all well-meshed to make an amazing present about how the trendy-day policeman (or woman) deals with life on a daily basis.

Selleck, I suppose, is best-identified for his television signature position as Thomas Magnum, or Magnum, P.I.also on CBS. Selleck played a single man, with Naval experience who wanted to be a non-public detective in Hawaii. Magnum stays at the property of famous ‘writer’ Robin Masters and the property is managed by veteran actor, John Hillerman, who performs Higgins who always gives Magnum a tough time about his lifestyle of conserving late hours, partying with lovely women and boozing along with his buddies, Roger E. Mosley, who performed T.C.his Vietnam buddy who now owns a helicopter-for-rent for vacationers and Orville Wright, or Rick, performed by one other Vietnam buddy, Larry Minetti. With Magnum whizzing across the island territories in Robin Grasp’s purple Ferrari, and dealing with beautiful woman clients every week, throw in the schemes (to help Magum) by T.C. and Rick, you have got yourself a dynamite present. And CBS knew full-nicely what having a huge show like Magnum, P.I. meant. Cash. And many it.

But one unhappy day, Magnum, P.I. was cancelled . . .
and one sad day, when the ratings begin to hunch, so will Blue Bloods be placed on the chopping block. This is sad, stone island jumpers junior but a truth of the television trade. It would not take a Harvard graduate to figure out the equation of viewer-supported hit present equals huge advertising revenues. But when the viewer-help (drops) on the hit show, so do the massive promoting revenues, and with “fixes” to the ailing present like plot and character changes, characters being ‘killed off’ the show to boost ratings, then the inevitable occurs. Cancellation. Nothing private. Just television enterprise. And i hate to be the one to deliver dangerous news, but one day sooner or later, Blue Bloods shall be historical past. Sorry, of us. But you already know as well as I do if you’re a fan of television, that this truth of cancelling a show is the ‘nature of the beast.’ Hey, I shed tears when Barney Miller, (ABC), was cancelled. And that i also felt depressed when M*A*S*H left the air, but wasn’t cancelled. Actors burn out. Screenwriters get burned out. Change is all the time only one script away.

But what will Tom Selleck do when his Blue Blood days are over . . .
I am so glad I asked that question, for I’ve a number of solutions for our good friend, Tom Selleck, who even looks good hunkered down behind bushes. Instructed you he was that versatile. Tom is fortunate, more like blessed, to have someone like me who has thought forward into his future to safe a good job for him as his days of fame are slowly fading into leisure historical past.

Alex O’Loughlin
the ‘darling and workhorse of CBS,’ could star in the brand new Magnum, P.I. set in the identical picturesque Hawaiian islands and have Tom Selleck co-star as his lengthy-long brother, Tommy, who was a prisoner-of-war who the Navy Seals rescued and now lives with O’Loughlin, the new, extra-trendy, trendy, clean-speaking, New Magnum, P.I. For some reason, the plot has it that every week, O’Loughlin faces a task that he is not skilled to deal with, so Selleck/Tommy comes up with this brainstorm from somewhere out of the blue and the new Magnum, O’Loughlin, is the hero once more while Tommy/Selleck remains within the shadows.

don’t tell me that Tom Selleck could not be Batman. I can’t buy that. Everyone else on the block has played the caped crusader–Val Kilmer, George Klooney, Michael Keaton, so why not Selleck All that’s required is an upgraded Batmobile, Robin, Alfred and plot, and you have yourself a mega-billion-dollar movie. Does this make sense It makes good ‘cents’ to me. Selleck has the body. The appears to be like. The suave manners. Smooth discuss. Witty remarks. So why does not Hollywood have Selleck star as Batman I need to get on that instantly.

Physique Builder
would be a really perfect job for Tom Selleck after Blue Bloods is nothing more than a clipping in someone’scrapbook. Selleck continues to be in fine condition. Good shape sufficient to be in physique constructing competitors. And discuss sponsors! Companies like Hawaiian Tropic, V-8, Johnson’s baby oil, to call a couple of, can be clamouring to be Selleck’s sponsors. I can guarantee you this: each body constructing event Selleck entered can be an prompt promote-out with tickets largely purchased by ladies, each single, married, and people not wanting to stay married.

Used Car Salesman
this can be a gimme. No description required. Selleck could show up on the used car lot where he works, dressed in on a regular basis clothes, and promote the complete lot of cars before noon. Then he may go house, nap, rely his cash and return the following day and do it all over again. Selleck’s patented, copyrighted sales pitch: “Buy this automotive,” is all he would ever say. The client, a lady, would have pen-in-hand able to sign the papers. Selleck’s fame would work for him for years.

Game Present Host
what sport show’s rankings wouldn’t undergo the roof with Tom Selleck as host There isn’t a recreation present that Selleck could not host and with little or no rehearsing. Just Tom being Tom would be more than enough to have a recreation present like, “Bowling For Puppies,” primary in America in a single day. Now, on this present, Selleck can be anticipated to costume the part–tuxedo, black patent leather-based shoes, bow tie, ruffled shirt, the works. And that cute Selleck smile and eyebrows going up and down, the audience would eat it up. Hey, discuss an excellent combine. Family Feud that after had Richard Dawson the kissing-host, could be the ideal present for Tom Selleck. When he walked to ask the families their questions, all of the females would cross out. What a “scores monster.”

on any beach. Tom Selleck is a pure for being a lifeguard. Hey, a remake of Bay Watch is just what the physician ordered. He can do his lifeguard work in his off-time. But what David Hasselhoff lacked in being a star, Tom Selleck may just present up in swimming trunks and the present could be headed for primary immediately. Oh, the co-stars, the girls, Selleck would be answerable for who’s a Bay Watch Babe an who just isn’t. What a drudgery.

Lion Tamer
can you just see Tom Selleck in his jungle wardrobe with whip and chair going head-to-head, even wrestling two male lions in a cage in the Barnum-Bailey Circus This can be a blockbuster of a job for Selleck. He wouldn’t have to get rough with the lions either. Just one offended look from his eyes and the lions would turn into kittens. In fact, Selleck would have a reasonably girl assistant. I would say, Lindsey Lohan, to aid her rehabbing from drugs.

Cowboy Crooner
and I’m critical. I feel I’ve heard Tom Selleck sing before. Someplace on some sitcom, I am unsure, however as proficient as Tom Selleck is, singing lessons could be a formality. Tom would star in a weekly-sequence referred to as, “Western Lawmen,” and Selleck, who might “act’ like he is strumming his guitar, may sing to the lady of his heart each week. Yes, Selleck, with ten-gallon hat, bandanna, and guitar over his shoulder, would win the heart of all the women on his new western show. It labored for Roy Rogers. Why not Tom Selleck

this one I threw in to provide Tom Selleck a spot for some “me time.” What higher strategy to loosen up from the rigours of show business, even in his latter years, than being a scarecrow guarding some farmer’s pumpkin patch. Selleck might sleep, calm down, and not even transfer all day lengthy, but if in the future, a lady buyer who wants to purchase her little “Tommy” a pumpkin for his birthday, occurs to see that the nice-looking scarecrow is Tom Selleck, the show is over. Quickly, the pumpkin patch can be overrun with attention-starved women wanting to pose with Selleck the scarecrow.

Danny Zuko, Leader of The T-Birds in Grease
is just what Tom Selleck’s agent ordered. Tom has ‘that’ masculine attraction that can not be dampered with a black wig and a bit make-up. No sir. He’s Danny Zuko, within the remake of Grease, now referred to as New Grease, with co-star, Taylor Swift, as Sandy, who is taking part in Olivia Newton John’s previous function. This can be a workable movie. Selleck and his T-Birds, Ethan Hawke, Denzel Washington, Rob Morrow, and John Goodman as “Tiny,” this film would rake in money by the wheelbarrow full.

The Duke, John Wayne
This people, I am severe about. Tom Selleck starring as John Wayne within the autobiographical accounts of The Duke in his rise to stardom and ultimately, the “king of Hollywood.” Tom Selleck, to me, may pull this position off with little work. Selleck has starred in some western shows before, Quigley Down Under, and The Shadow Riders, so this role of The Duke shouldn’t be that tough. I could be the first to buy a ticket if some wise-pondering producers in Hollywood would just set this up. I’m completely-serious. Tom Selleck may easily win an Oscar for his portrayal of The Duke. Are you with me

Now. I really feel significantly better at figuring out that after Blue Bloods is over, Tom Selleck, I name him Tom, will have several jobs to choose from to bolster his profession and keep his fame alive.

Now that Tom Selleck’s profession is safe, who’s next
My workplace is open.

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sendingAuthorKenneth Avery 2 years in the past from Hamilton, Alabama

Whats up, Turtle,
Thanks on your fascinating opinion. I agree with you up to some extent, but I wonder what Selleck and actors like him, will do in the true world once his profession with Blue Bloods or no matter venture he was in, is over. I assume I should not think on such thinks.

Thanks for stopping by and listen, I’d love to have you ever as a follower if you aren’t one already.

Turtle 2 years ago
In the event that they cancel Blue Bloods additionally they are taking all one of the best reveals off the Tv and leaving rubbish that persons are stuck watching. They might as effectively just make a present out of the commercials since they show so lots of them during the shows. KEEP BLUE BLOODS ON !!!

I like you for this remark. I just can’t assist it. She does this on each show. I just occur to be watching Blue Bloods tonight, June 5, 9:Forty p.m.cdst, and she is speaking with Frank about Nicky’s faculty and sure, trying on so dramatic.

Thanks once more for the candy remark and go to with me anytime.

Actually humorous remark about Erin Reagan, and proper on cue. If I didn’t despise prosecutors a lot, I would feel sorry for her.

You are oh so proper in your sweet remark. But I have learned to like Jesse Stone for it’s a dose of reality in cops reveals that I desperately-wanted.

I forgot to say the lady, “Francis Reagan’s” daughter. Does she simply need to have ‘that” forlorn, deep-dramatic look on her face in every shot

At dinner . . .
Frank: Care for some expensive roast beef and a much bigger wine glass

Girl: Ohhhh nicely, uhhhh, gasp, I suppose . . . I would be the sacrificial lamb in courtroom once i let that jaywalker get bail. Ohhhhhhh.

Come again and visit anytime.
@ Nicomp,

or a tree stump.
MizBejabbers 2 years in the past

Nah, Kenneth, I do not think so. Tom Selleck is about my age, and there comes a time when it’s time to throw within the towel and admit you are getting previous. I feel Blue Bloods does a very good job of allowing him to do this gracefully. I do love Tom Selleck, although. I like anything he has accomplished besides Jesse Stone. I find the brooding Jesse Stone boring and want to inform him to get off his duff and stay just a little. It just is not a fantastic position for an ideal actor. Neither is used car salesman!

I agree with Nicomp that a potted plant may replace Boehner.
nicomp really 2 years in the past from Ohio, USA

This text continues to be current! Boehner still wants replacing and a potted plant could suffice.

I admit that I like Selleck also, but his film series, “Jesse Stone,” to me is extra of a realistic production. But thanks, Ann for commenting. I hope to listen to more from you.

Ann 2 years in the past
I like watching blue blood I fell like they are a part of my family that is the perfect present i think Tom has executed I am a 70year outdated don’t get out much I looked for to watching blue blood I want Tom luck

AuthorKenneth Avery 2 years ago from Hamilton, Alabama

Thank you for your poignant comment and my good friend, I agree with you. Love those Stone films. Honest and really life like. Come again to go to me anytime.

Steve Brown 2 years in the past
When Blue Bloods is cancelled , I hope to see a ninth Jesse Stone film

Au fait,
I agree with you. Let’s give him a chance.

Thank you sincerely for your good remark.

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C E Clark 3 years ago from North Texas