Stone Island 3L Performance Jacket Navy Blue 591541425 V0020

Stone Island 3L Efficiency Cotton with Primaloft Insulation Technology Jacket in Navy Blue.

591541125 v0020

Stone Island Velvet Hat In Black

Developed for Stone Island this gentle cotton poplin has been bonded to a performance membrane giving body to the fabric and reworking it into an all weather materials. Its water and wind proofness is optimized by means of all the thermo-taping of the seams. Inside th garment features the distinctive Primaloft Insulation Technology, an unique blend of smaller diameter fibres that create thousands and thousands of air pockets leading to superior thermal performance.Primaloft is the one different to real down, it has the same soft feel, with out the bulk. It is developed to remain drier even when wet. It delivers the best warmth to weight ratio of all Island synthetic insulations. It’s water repellant, breathable, ultra lightweight and compressible to the benefit of total comfort and freedom of movement.

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