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What To Do With Coconut Leaves

Arts and Design
What To Do With Coconut Leaves Creations Made From Coco Leaf
Updated on January 21, 2017 precy anza moreContact Creator With all the coconut uses from roots to fruits, and just once you suppose I am completed with the coconut speak, here goes one other hub pertaining to the tree. And this time I’ll be focusing only with the fun issues that can be made from the coconut leaves.

Large Compass Print Cotton Jersey T-Shirt in Dark BlueAnd with the leaves or no matter you create from it, it wasn’t only with the method being fun, but the uses of those creations as nicely. And sure, a type of livelihood. So let’s see what number of can we make or what things can we make from the coconut leaf.

And as I was pondering of the very first picture with coconut leaves as nipa hut partitions and went into looking for image, I stumbled into one thing that is so lovely. I have not seen one like this earlier than. A flower made from coconut leaves, and never simply any flower, these are roses!

I know, I feel the identical approach too, ( you love these roses don’t you ) And on the place I found the photograph above, there was a tutorial on tips on how to make the palm rose. However I’d reasonably see or watch a video on find out how to make a rose from coconut leaves. And if you happen to have been like me whose extra of a visual learner, this is the video. Hey, I don’t understand the language myself but seeing how the girl made this stunning rose is greater than sufficient to be thankful for.

Alright, now let’s go and see the leaves used as walls into this nipa hut. Not just for walls, but it is usually used as this huts roof. Seeing this photo, it truly says that one can live just through the use of the coconut. The wood for put up, husk for gardening, ( similar to this hanging plant) and the fruits for food. And of course the leaves, can be used for roofing.

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Makes use of Of Coconut Tree From Roots To Fruits
Most of us love the recent coconut juice as it is refreshing. But not solely the coconut fruit itself is beneficial in use as there are different issues that can be made from the coconut, from its roots as much as the fruits.
Look at these. Seeing this entrance made from coconut leaves jogs my memory of some events the place I’ve seen such entrance but with totally different designs. One occasion could be on Philippine town fiestas.

What’s a fiesta you say It is festivity held yearly in the Philippines on each provinces or towns where the celebration last for a day. It’s usually began with a parade and the town can be decorated with colorful fiesta banners. And what do I look ahead to every fiesta All the goodies!

Might I ask the time
I used to do that hand watch too when I was a child. It is easy and enjoyable to make it with my playmates, or sometimes my classmates when there’s a rising younger coconut tree at our college.

I can not count what number of times I had wore one thing like this but if a child is bored and there’s not much toys to play with, one could used what’s out there round, right And that could possibly be enjoyable times with coconut leaves. We even make it look like a more of a hand watch by drawing numbers and pointers.

What about this hat
It appears stunning and i could put on one like this while underneath the sun either strolling on the seaside, farm or on the rice discipline.

Somebody has to show me first methods to weave coconut leaves to make this hat, it would be enjoyable to make one like this.

This makes me hungry. Another great use for the coconut leaves is for wrapping this Philippine goodies made from glutinous rice and known as “suman sa ibos,” (above photograph.) It’d seem like wrapping each one of those a hard thing to do but, no it wasn’t although it might take a while however its value it. I love unwrapping a suman sa ibos and dipping it into sugar.

This one right here known as “puso,” which is boiled rice wrapped in coconut fronds and is also called by other names in different Asian nations.

The place to put these goodies you say
Well, what about this baskets You may put all of it in right here. Or won’t be a good idea as those goodies is likely to be heavy for this basket. Still, you can put lighter objects in right here equivalent to papers, newspapers, or table napkins.

Wanna play
This recreation is called “sipa,” the place one performs with a rattan made ball the place the participant tosses the ball and kicking it with the aspect of his/her heel without letting the ball touches the ground.

Though the ball is often product of rattan, it may very well be made from other accessible objects resembling a ball woven from coconut leaves! And to think of it, this reminds me of few male pals in high school who performs sipa with a stone wrapped in a plastic.

Up for a poll
Of all the things that can be made from the coconut leaves, which one you want most

The hat!
I really like the roses.

I’d go along with the entrance made from coconut leaves.
I like a couple of.

That tray is gorgeous!
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sendingRichard Lindsay 21 months ago from California
Great post, I don’t have any coconut bushes round. But personally I would not have a lot time to do these things both. For people who do it is a good post.

Thanks livingsta ^-^’ They are! And would go on my first spot πŸ™‚ The lady who made those palm roses was so talented. Thanks fro dropping by.

livingsta 5 years in the past from United Kingdom
Wow…I really like the flowers, the hat and the basket…awesome…

Voted up, superior and sharing !!!
I simply knew it! Lol. *drooling at tupig* You possibly can have the suman but I am going to snatch the tupig when you’re not wanting. ^-^’

Why are you so good in guessing Hahaha! I can survive a day consuming nothing but suman or “tupig” hehehe! πŸ™‚

@ thesingernurse: Lol. So I’m guessing suman is your wekness ! Ha!ha! They all wrapped beautifully which makes it more engaging ^-^’

@ jpcmc: I agree. Philippines a lots of coconut timber πŸ™‚ Once we had lived in a coconut grove. If only I might have a fresh buko now…. that would be candy! ^-^’

@ dinkan53: Thanks for dropping by and commenting πŸ™‚ And yes, I couldn’t consider other bushes which has makes use of from its roots as much as its fruit.

@ StephanieBCrosby: Yes. I used to be shocked either on how much I had found online. And they’re actually creative. A treat to look at πŸ™‚

@ Kbdare: Thank you KB ^-^’
@ learner365: Thank you! And I’m glad to know you already are making roses, it is not going to be exhausting for you to do it with the coconut leaf. ^-^’ In contrast to me, I’ve to observe that video to be taught. Lol.

@ Claudia Tello: *nods* Yup. πŸ™‚ They certain have some gift of creativity ^-^’ And I really like watching individuals doing such issues.

@ Aviannovice: Thanks Avian! ^-^’ And that i be taught something out of your hubs too! Now.. now….. where’s the hummingbirds Ha!ha! Have a superb afternoon! πŸ™‚

Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, Okay
You’re always instructing me something new. Thanks a lot for sharing your customs, I love it.

Claudia Tello 5 years ago from Mexico
I’m always amazed by the handiness and creativity of craftsmen that can make such lovely things out of natureΒ΄s resources. I wish I had extra time to try to make scarpe stone island a few of these lovely crafts.

Saadia A 5 years in the past
Wow, i loved the concept of utilizing coconut leaves for making roses. I do know how to make roses from ribbons so at the least its an another different that i can use for the purpose.

Thank you for sharing such an attention-grabbing Hub.Beloved the entire of it. My vote up and sharing !!!
Kbdare 5 years in the past from Western US.

How very attention-grabbing! Thanks for sharing!
Stephanie Bradberry 5 years in the past from New Jersey

That is a very fascinating and stunning hub. Whereas I knew there have been many makes use of for the leaves, I by no means saw so many in one place. They are truly artistic and nice to look at.

Nice hub with lovely pictures. Not solely the leaf nearly each a part of the coconut tree has good use as seen in many home, commercial and industrial functions. I don’t find out about other Asian nations, I actually heard that, coconut Leaves are used to wrap white rice called Puso. Rated your hub as lovely and attention-grabbing.

JP Carlos 5 years in the past from Quezon Metropolis, Phlippines
Truly fascnating! The Philippines is a country with a number of coconut bushes. We actually have a authorities company for these timber – The Philippine Coconut Authority. What they do I simply do not know.

The coconut leaves roses are just adorable.
thesingernurse 5 years in the past from Rizal, Philippines

Everything’s beautiful! But I must admit, the suman goodies has achieved it again! They never fail to get my consideration! πŸ™‚

Thanks for sharing!
@ Anamika S: Thank you ^-^’ And i bet those flowers you made was beautiful too. πŸ™‚

Anamika S 5 years ago from Mumbai – Maharashtra, India
Stunning! I make comparable flowers using satin ribbons and crape paper.

Authorprecy anza 5 years in the past from USA
Hi Rajan, I enjoy studying such wonderful comment. And yes it is a visual treat. ^-^’ Thanks for the hyperlink. I found your “Health Advantages of Coconut” hub and linked back. You may have fascinating photographs there as nicely and nice data. πŸ™‚

Rajan Singh Jolly 5 years in the past from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.
Amazing hub, awesome footage. This hub is a visible treat and excellently written. I simply have to incorporate a hyperlink to this wonderful hub in my hub on health benefits of coconut.

I have not seen such beautiful photos and the number of makes use of of coconut leaves.
Voted up and all the way throughout. Shared this hub all over.