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Moai Statues And Rock Art Of Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui, or Easter Island because it was to turn into known, is the Polynesian island discovered in the south east Pacific Ocean. Though well-known for the large monumental Moai statues which adorn Easter Island, Rapa Nui can be house to extensive rock artwork carvings and paintings with distinctive motifs.

Easter Island presents us with a model of the human spirit. The preliminary endeavour of migration and protohistoric ocean voyaging is remarkable in itself. The urge to discover and colonise has taken a small group of individuals to one of many remotest parts of the world, however one which they got here to discuss with as the ‘navel of the world’. The mannequin demonstrates the power to determine a religious framework which mens stone island beanie hat binded the society. However, the artistic endeavours on Easter Island infact throw gentle on the changing socio-economic conditions and on the altering balance of power.

Moreover, this same model reveals one other facet of the human spirit – greed, for a shopper society to be blinded by a given state of affairs, and to practice rituals on the expense of its resources.

Stone Island Spring Men Fashion Sweater In Dark GreyThe sequence of occasions on Easter Island occurred over centuries, however there seems to be a important period of 27 years – between 1837 when the Moai statues were standing, and 1864 when that they had all been pulled down. As to why this happened, we will only speculate, but clearly there are lessons to be learnt. We’re lucky that Easter Island has survived its turbulent history, the extraordinary particulars of which can be considered in our part Sentinels in Stone – The Rise & Fall of Easter Island‘s Culture, leaving us with a small but wholesome culture which is home to among the world’s most original and intriguing artwork.

In 1995 the Chairman of the Bradshaw Basis, Damon de Laszlo, and John Robinson, joined Physician Georgia Lee on Easter Island to witness the surviving tradition of Rapa Nui, within the outstanding setting of its highly mens stone island beanie hat effective panorama and artistic legacy. Throughout the primary week of February every year the residents of Rapa Nui celebrate this tradition with traditional dances, costumes and competitions.