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The World Of Ice And Fireplace: Notes And Musings

The Orange Shore: a strip of shoreline along the southern coast of Essos, found to the west of Volantis. It is controlled by the Volantenes.

^ They haven’t turn out to be Valyria, not less than not but, however no less than they’ve this little stretch of coastal land.

The Black Cliffs: a sequence of cliffs which are situated on the northwest coast of Slaver’s Bay, south of the Painted Mountains. They lie between Tolos and the ruined metropolis of Bhorash, south of the Demon Street.

^ I wonder if the Black Cliffs are the supply for the oily stone utilized by the Deep Ones and Valyrians … even if the important thing ingredient is blood sacrifice and spell-work. These cliffs might be the supply of the rudimentary stone …

Tyria: was based by the Valyrian Freehold. Although wealthy and glorious, it didn’t have self-rule and was as an alternative governed by men and women sent from Valyria to rule within the name of the Freehold. The ruins of Tyria are nonetheless inhabited to some extent after the Doom of Valyria, although it is not clear whether or not by descendants of its original inhabitants or someone else. The few stories instructed of these latter-day dwellers tend in direction of the malign.

^ One factor I undoubtedly think we’ll find out in ASOIAF is who precisely has been residing on the Valyrian peninsula since the Doom and what they’ve been as much as.

If these are humans, they’re either mightily deformed like the Stonemen with greyscale, or are using blood and darkish magic to the excessive.

Oros: a ruined metropolis that sits on the northern coast of the Smoking Sea in Essos, stated to be second solely in majesty to the city of Valyria before the Doom. The same as Tyria, Oros was not self-dominated, however had folks despatched from Valyria to watch over the city and run it in the Freehold’s interests. May need inhabitants as effectively of a maligning nature.
Three Unknown Port Cities branching from Valyria — just like the cities already talked about, these weren’t self-dominated, are still totally destroyed, and show no signs of life outside of demonic or dark magic happenings.
The Smoking Sea: the place where the sea flooded into the shattered remnant of the Valyrian peninsula after the Doom of Valyria. Crammed with volcanoes and smoking stacks of rock, it is said to boil in places and to be haunted by demons. Some say it used to be a straight earlier than the Doom, and solely grew wider as the peninsula sunk a bit and drifted apart. Reports are that krakens live in its waters. Volantis and Gerion Lannister have sailed there, each events never to be seen or heard from once more.

The Sea of Sighs: an inland sea located within the Valyrian peninsula. It lies south of the Painted Mountains and north of the Lands of the Long Summer season. At its northerneastern tip sits the city of Mantarys, where a mountain river flows into the sea. Its waters are coloured crimson.
Lands of The Lengthy Summer: the guts of the devastation that lays in smoldering ruins on the Valyrian peninsula. Whatever dark magic is south of the Smoking Sea only continues here up north.

^ May need something to do with this “Eternal Summer” Previous Nan and others sometimes talk about it.

Still Inhabited Cities With A Functioning Government and Economic system
Elyria: an island metropolis in Slaver’s Bay founded by the Valyrian Freehold. Though rich and glorious, it did not have self-rule and was as an alternative governed by women and men despatched from chinese wholesale designer clothing stone island Valyria to rule within the identify of the Freehold, very like Tyria and Oros. Despite its proximity to the Valyrian peninsula, Elyria was not destroyed in the Doom. Elyria has ties to the Ghiscari cities of Slaver’s Bay, and while it has a sinister reputation, the island metropolis is much less notorious than Mantarys.
Mantarys: founded by the Valyrian Freehold. Although wealthy and glorious, it didn’t have self-rule and was as a substitute governed by women and men despatched from Valyria to rule within the title of the Freehold – thus it’s not counted among the Free Cities, similarly denied that moniker like the other cities listed above. Mantarys remained inhabited after the Doom of Valyria, but its persons are said to be twisted and monstrous — it’s the primary motive why the stretch of Valyrian stone from Mantarys to Meereen is called the Demon Highway.
Tolos: famed for producing the finest slingers in Essos, who throw gentle lead balls in place of stones which do tremendous damage to human flesh.

^ All three cities side in opposition to Daenerys and with Yunaki at the beginning of the Slaver’s Bay Battle in Dance.

Ruined Cities and Isles in Slaver’s Bay & The Gulf of Grief
Bhorash: a ruined city on the northern coast of Slaver’s Bay in Essos, halfway between Valyrian and the Ghiscari peninsulas. Bhorash is connected by Valyrian roads to Mantarys and Tolos. It is unknown if Bhorash was founded by the Valyrian Freehold.
Isle of Cedars: a large island that sits astride each Slaver’s Bay and the Gulf of Grief. It was as soon as known because the Isle of a hundred Battles for it was in the middle of the Valyrian-Old Ghis wars. There’s pale sand on the southern shore. The water is a shimmering turquoise close to shore, and farther out a blue so deep that it is sort of black. The isle is no longer inhabited by people. The southern cedar trees drowned in the course of the Doom. The remaining forests are inexperienced, nonetheless, and filled with twisted trees and queer flowers. Pigs, large black boars, and monkeys dominate the isle.

(a cedar forest)
Ghozai is a ruined slaver port metropolis on the Isle of Cedars. It lies on the northern coast of the island, going through Slaver’s Bay. The town vanished in a heartbeat during the Doom of Valyria. On the north end of the Isle of Cedars, the historical brick partitions and steeped pyramids of the slaver port of Ghozai suffered the identical fate as Velos on the south – a wall of water 300 ft excessive descended on the city drowning a whole bunch of thousands of males, ladies, and kids, leaving none to tell the tale.

^ Damn, that they had six determine populations on this island — in all probability largely slaves being held till they had been able to enter the market. Tsunamis finally strike and show their fearful faces — might see some ASOIAF tsunamis later on :-Zero

Velos: the southern metropolis on the Isle of Cedars, it faces the Gulf of Grief. Town was made of beautiful cedar wooden and pink marble. It had the same 300 foot tsunami kill tons of of 1000’s, witnessed by fishermen who have been in boats off the coast. Some Velosi spearmen who have been holding up inside a stout tower atop the city’s largest hill lived to tell they noticed the sea flood and sink all the hills, valleys, and farms the eye might see for miles and miles.
Unknown Third City: on the western shores of the Isle of Cedars is a tiny island with a similarly ruined and destroyed metropolis.
Yaros: a small isle in Slaver’s Bay south of Yunkai. Normally ships bypass its straights and sail around the isle to succeed in their desired city.

Southern Ghiscar / Ghiscari Straits
New Ghis: the newest and smallest of the Ghiscari cities, but essentially the most dynamic. Its iron legions are impressed by the lockstep legions of the Outdated Empire of Ghis. They’re armed and educated within the style of the Unsullied, the eunuch troopers of Astapor. The Unsullied are slaves, nevertheless, whereas the legionaries are free men who serve phrases of three years. Outdoors of its army, your entire city is dependent on slavery.
Ghaen: an island in the Gulf of Grief. It borders the Ghiscari Strait and lies off the southern coast of Essos near Ghiscar. South of it are two smaller islands, together with New Ghis.

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