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London Bridge Is Falling Down In Lake Havasu

London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down. You remember that tune from childhood little question. However did you know that the London Bridge is actually located in the beautiful town of Lake Havasu City in Arizona, United States of America The world-famous London Bridge in Lake Havasu Metropolis attracts hundred of hundreds of visitors year-spherical from all world wide. It is a focal level for the city and a crossing between the Bridgewater Channel from the mainland and slightly island on the Colorado River. Here’s just a little background on the legendary bridge that resides on this historic American metropolis.

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In 1962, after standing for over 130 years, the bridge which was originally situated in London, was actually falling down, identical to in the nursery rhyme. It simply could now not handle the ever growing site visitors circulation across the river. Well it was actually sinking within the Thames River.

Nonetheless, an American entrepreneur named Robert P. McCulloch acknowledged a beautiful alternative when the British government put it up on the market. He made a bid for ownership of the bridge and on April 18, 1968, won the auction for a sum of $2,460,000. Mr. McCulloch, who was the Founding father of Lake Havasu Metropolis and also Chairman of McCulloch Oil Corporation, then had London Bridge taken apart. With each stone being fastidiously marked, it was despatched off on a barge to make its journey from Europe to the United States. At the dock of the California coast, it was taken off the boat, loaded up and transported by truck to Lake Havasu in Arizona. It price a further 7 million dollars to transport and reconstruct it, which took three check art number stone island years. However the bridge was rebuilt stone by stone and upon its completion, was formally dedicated in the town on October 10, 1971, where it still stands.

After you get pleasure from taking in the view of the bridge and the attractive mountainscapes that surround it, you possibly can go down beneath it for much more fun. Nuzzled beneath the town of Lake Havasu’s London Bridge is the ‘English Village’. Providing quaint, old school British spirit for your eating and purchasing pleasure, the Tudor style structure of the retailers and restaurants creates an essence that enables visitors to expertise the days of “Merry Olde England”. You possibly can stroll along the tree-lined walkways, shop and feast at one of the great selection of restaurants which provide one thing for everybody. Later, cease in at one of the native breweries for a ‘homemade’ beer – root beer or otherwise!